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National Museum of History of Moldova



March 1 - May 19, 2019

From March 1 to May 19, 2019, at the National History Museum of Moldova you can interact with everything that means technology, you can discover the amazing qualities of the robots and enjoy the unique experiences in VR areas (An artificial environment created by computer).

With VR headphones/glases and a controller, you are transported to a new world where you can explore, play or experience new sensations) and in AR areas (at first glance resembles virtual reality, which can also be used through mobile devices, but essentially these are two completely different technologies and experiences). Virtual reality requires "immersing" in a virtual environment without keeping touch with the real world around you. Instead, augmented reality overlaps 3D objects over the real world to create the feeling that it is right in front of you, keeping in touch with the physical world.

Here you can enjoy poetry recitals by the Tespian Robot and dance with dancing robots on rhythms of the song „Constantine-Constantine". You will be amazed at the ease with which robot spiders overcome obstacles and you will remain fascinated for life by the star of the Las Vegas Innovation Exhibition 2019 - the Aibo pup!
More than 30 robots and interactive VRs are waiting for you as you have never seen before and ... INCREDIBLE! - all flavoured with a tasty coffee served by CoffeeBot!

INNOVATIC FEST runs on an area of 1,200 square meters and has several interactive areas.

Come with the whole family, experiment the technology, get to know the future!


Independent Moldova
Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic
Bessarabia and MASSR between the Two World Wars
Bessarabia and Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in the Period between the Two World Wars
Revival of National Movement
Time of Reforms and their Consequences
Abolition of Autonomy. Bessarabia – a New Tsarist Colony
Period of Relative Autonomy of Bessarabia within the Russian Empire
Phanariot Regime
Golden Age of the Romanian Culture
Struggle for Maintaining of Independence of Moldova
Formation of Independent Medieval State of Moldova
Era of the
Great Nomad Migrations
Early Middle Ages
Iron Age and Antiquity
Bronze Age
Aeneolithic Age
Neolithic Age
Palaeolithic Age


The National Museum of History of Moldova takes place among the most significant museum institutions of the Republic of Moldova, in terms of both its collection and scientific reputation.
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