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The International Conference "Hybrid War: Mechanisms and Consequences"

21 February 2020

Several historians, political analysts, international experts, writers and journalists met on February 21, 2020, at the National Museum of History of Moldova to discuss a very actual topic: hybrid warfare and its consequences in politics, mass media, history, identity, etc. but also to seek solutions to combat this phenomenon and fake news.

The purpose of this conference was to examine the essence of hybrid warfare, the strategies that are developed and the tactics that are applied, especially in the former Soviet space.


Activities dedicated to winter holidays

28 December 2019

On December 26 and 28, the National Museum of History of Moldova hosted two events dedicated to the beautiful winter holidays.

The musical-literary show „Christmas Caravan”, organized in collaboration with the members of the City Station of Young Tourists from Chișinău (coordinator: Tamara Pânzari), flooded the museum with carols, songs, plays and a lot of good vibes. Several New Year themed works, created by the participants themselves, brought a surplus of color to this event.


Interactive activity with the theme "Be aware, not addicted!"

11 December 2019

On December 11, the Section Public Relations, Museum Education in collaboration with the students of the 7th grade of the "Socrates" High School of Modern Languages in Chișinău, held an interactive activity with the theme "Be aware, not addicted!". The action was organized in the framework of the National Health Promotion Program for 2016-2020.

The objective of this meeting was to inform, educate, communicate and prevent the consumption of tobacco, alcohol and drugs among adolescents.


Event dedicated to the great Azerbaijani poet Imadeddin Nasimi

4 December 2019

On December 4, the National Museum of History of Moldova hosted a unique event "Nasimi - 650 years from birth", which was dedicated to the great Azerbaijani poet Imadeddin Nasimi.

The event was moderated by Arcadie Suceveanu, the president of the Writers' Union of Moldova. The event had as guests of honor H. E. Gudsi Osmanov, Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Moldova, and Vugar Novruzov, President of the Azeri Congress of the Republic of Moldova.


Conference „30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall”

7 November 2019

November 09, 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Built over night in August 1961, with the aim of separating East Berlin / East Germany from West Berlin / West Germany, the Berlin Wall is one of the most famous symbols of the Cold War and the Iron Curtain. The fall of the Berlin Wall was also a first step towards the reunification of Germany.

To mark this significant historical moment in Chișinău for Germans in particular, but also for Europeans in general, the German Cultural Center AKZENTE in collaboration with the National Museum of History of Moldova, organized an event with the participation of historians from Germany and the Republic of Moldova.


18th Symposium on Numismatics

25 October 2019

On October 24 and 25, 2019 National Museum of History of Moldova hosted the 18th edition of the Symposium of Numismatics organized in collaboration with the Institute of Archeology "Vasile Pârvan" of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest and the Numismatic Society of the Republic of Moldova.


Academic conference HISTORY. ARCHAEOLOGY. MUSEOLOGY, 29th edition

18 October 2019

History is tradition and the National Museum of History of Moldova respects his own traditions. Already at the 29th edition, the yearly Academic Conference of the Museum has gathered again at the table of discussions archaeologists, historians, researchers, museographers, but also all those interested in history on both sides of the Prut River and beyond. The program of the event can be found here.

The academic event was held on October 17 and 18 at the museum and all proceedings will shortly be published in our journal.


Meeting (in) visible heroines and movie screening

26 September 2019

The stories of the 34 women who had the courage to change the world continues!

On the evening of September 26, the National Museum of History of Moldova hosted a meeting organized by the Polish Institute in Bucharest, dedicated to women. At the event, along with Angela Stafii was discussed the situation of women, challenges, dilemmas, histories and valuable lessons.


Interactive visit for children with hearing disabilities

25 September 2019

Each year, the museum dedicates the last week of September to supporting the social inclusion of young people with hearing disabilities. On September 25, 30 children from the Professional School no. 11 for children with hearing disabilities, from Chișinău, spent together unforgettable moments at the museum.

Even if deafness is a disability that is not visible, young people who have such deficiencies are exposed daily to the risk of not being accepted by society. Most of them had attended special institutions, starting with kindergarten, where they were assisted by professionals of the gestural language.


The conference "Căpriana Monastery - 590 years from the first written mention"

12 September 2019

On September 12, the Institute of History, the National Museum of History of Moldova and the Cartdidact Publishing House organized the Academic Conference "Căpriana Monastery - 590 years from the first written mention".

During the conference was presented the monograph signed by several authors: Căpriana Monastery with the Condrița Chapel (15th century - beginning of the 21st century).

The event gathered a whole room of historians, researchers, clergy and university students, who came to learn more about the history of one of the oldest monasteries in the Republic of Moldova.


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