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National Museum of History of Moldova

Publications Journal „Tyragetia"

Tyragetia, nr. XV

Tyragetia, nr. XV

Chișinău, 2006

I. Archeologie et histoire

• Ilie Borziac, Nicolae Chetraru, Bone Objects with Traces of Activity Characteristic for Mousterian Culture between Prut and Dniester
• Serghei Fidelschi, Trade Development of the Settled Population of the Lower Dniester in the 7th-3rd Century B.C.
• Alexandru Levinschi, Serghei Covalenco, Sergiu Bodean, New Getian Vestiges in the Zone of the Moldavian Codri
• Igor Cetvericov, Natalia Mateevici, Epigraphic Pieces from the Barbarian Settlement by the River of Crasnaia in the Area of Lower Dniester
· Vlad Vornic, Glass Vessels Discovered in the Archaeological Centre of Budești
• Gheorghe Postică, Observations concerning the topography and the structure of the early medieval settlements from Prut-Dniester space
• Vlad D. Ghimpu, Les Roumains dans la région du Dniestr et Danube en VIII-XII siècles
• Ecaterina Abâzova, Svetlana Reabțeva, Some New Examples of Medieval Non-Ferrous Artifacts in the Collections of the National Museum of History of Moldova
• Ion Eremia, International Juridical Status of Moldova to the end of the 14th Century
• Ion Chirtoagă, Foreign Commerce in the East of the Carpathian Mountains in 14th -early 15th Century
• Angela Zubco, Foreign Pressure and Interferences to the Foundation of the Metropolitanate of Moldova
• Andrei Eșanu, Valentina Eșanu, From Weapons to a Compromise in the Home Policy of Stephen the Great: Forming of the First Gospodar's Council (1457)
• Tamara Nesterov, Reliques du canon médiéval de proportion dans l'architecture ecclésiastique en pierre de Bessarabie
• Eduard Baidaus, Victor Damian, The zaporozhian cossacks and the "moldavian" policy of poland (The end of 16th - beginning of the 17th centuries)
• Lilia Zabolotnaia, Image of Woman from Moldova Reflected in Internal Documents and Formers' Descriptions (the l6th-17th Centuries)
• Nicolae Răileanu, Moldavian-Turkish Relations and the Juridical Status of the Romanian Principalities
• Violeta Tipa, Medieval Moldavian Gala Dress: Between Occidental and Oriental Influences
• Andrei Emilciuc, Port Odesa in the tsarist policy of consolidation of Russia's positions in the black sea basin
• Valentin Tomuleț, Maria Maftei, L'institution de la barrière d'Ismail (1812-1818)
• Valentin Tomuleț, Les sources de profit et le niveau de richesse de la bourgeoisie commerciale de bessarabie (les années 1831-1868)
• Marian Petcu, The Origins of News Items in the Romanian Press
• Aliona Gheorghiță, The Numerical Evolution of the Bulgarian Population in Bessarabia During the 19th Century
• Valentin Tomuleț, Tatiana Chicaroș, Considérations générates sur l'évolutoin de I'enseignement secondaire pour les jeunes filles en Bessarabie dans la deuxième partie du XIX siècle - le debut du XX siècle
• Maria Danilov, Romanian Books from the Library of the Harjauca Cloister (19th-early 20th Centuries)
• Keziban Acar, Images of the turkes in russian patriotic culture during the russo-turkish war of 1877-1878
• Elena Ploșnița, About the "Monumental" Policy of the Russian Tsarism and the "Monumental" Heroes in Bessarabia (1812-1918)
• Anatol Povestca, La vérité historique sur la question de Bessarabie
• Lidia Pădureac, Impact of Home Policy on Foreign Policy: The Romanian-Soviet Relations in 1917-1934
• Artur Cavalini, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu and the Italian neo-fascism
• Elena Postică, Certaines considérations sur l'histoire et la signification des monuments de la gloire militaire dans la République de Moldova

II. Personality, politologie et histoire locale

• Dorin Teodorescu, Antim Ivereanul, the Bishop of Ramnic in 1705-1708
• Dinu Poștarencu, The Family of Stroescu from Bessarabia
• Vasile Dobrescu, "Astra", Vasile Stroescu and the Credit Cooperative movement from Transylvania. Projection and Accomplishments
• Maxim Melinti, Bishop Nicodim (Krotkov) - worthy attendant of Besarabia
• Silvia Şaranuța, Albina Osterman (1856-1936)
• Ludmila Năstase, Les trois Maries de la famille Sciusev
• Vasile Malanețchi, Ten Letters Written by Leon Boga to Father Alexandra Bardieru
• Silviu Andrieș-Tabac, Les Armes et les Drapeaux des villages de Bubuieci et Colonița
• Ion Rotaru, Some Considerations Concerned the Origin of the HarbovatVillage Name
• Nicolae Bulat,  "Încercari" - the Magazine of Soroca Pupils of Lyceums (1936-1939)
• Nicolae Demcenco, Nos coeurs en granit
• Essam Abou Salem, A New Way of Adjustment of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
• Aurelia Popușoi, The Correlation between Political Institutions and Political
• Constantin Solomon, Parliamentary Election 2005 in Moldova
• Victoria Perciun, Elections and Their Role in the Social Development

III. Religion, museografie et etnographie

• Natalia Chișcă, From Theology to Iconography
· Alina Felea, Testaments as a Source of Study of Attitudes to the Death
• Emanuil Brihuneț, Tombstones of 18th - Early 19th Century in the Lower Dniester Region
• Svetlana Lupașco, La découverte de l'original dans l'iconographie. XVII-XIX siècles
• Victor Filatov, Some Considerations Concerned the Identification of a Chain Mail
• Ludmila Istomina, From the History of Construction of the Archangel Michael Cathedral Church from Cahul
• Irina Goncearova, Medals with the Images of the Popes from the Collections of the National Museum of History of Moldova
• Eugenia Borodac, Tamara Stamatov, Examples of the Caucasian Cold Steel from the Collection of the National Museum of History of Moldova
• Ana Grițco, La collecton de cartes posrales du parrimoine du Musée National d'Histoire de Moldova)
• Liubov Malahov, The Gospel from the Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra (1890) - a Rare Book from the Collections of the National Museum of History of Moldova
• Silvia Şaranuța, Ornements populaires moldaves du patrimoine du Musée National d'Ethnographie et d'Histoire Naturelle
• Varvara Buzilă, The ritual of wine "honoring"

IV. Comptes - rendus, chronique museale, ommages

• Constantin Stere, Un caz de conștiință, Editura Viața Românească, București, 1921, 86 p., [Dragoș Toma, O carte rară din colecția Muzeului Național de Arlieologie și Istorie]
• Presa din Basarabia. Analize, contexte, valori (2854-2004), Cartdidact, Chișinău, 2005, 144 p. [Constantin Drachenberg, "Un valoros studiu științific"]
• Cartea Memoriei. Catalog al victimelor totalitarismului comunist, vol. I-IV, Ştiința, Chișinău (vol. I,1999,464+XIV p.; vol.II, 2001, 464 p.; vol. III. 2003, 424 p.; vol.IV, 2005, 438 p.) [dr. hab. prof. univ. Anatol Petrencu, "Un important studiu privind trecutul totalitar"]
• Analecta Catholica. Episcopia Romano-Catolică de Chișinău, I, Chișinău, 2005, 300 p. [Aurelia Cornețchi]
• Silvia Grossu, Written Romanian Press in the Past, at Present and in Perspective. The National Symposium of Journalism, 2005
· Ana Grițco, "Le cygne de Bessarabie" est revenue à la maison
· Valeriu Nazar, In the Universe of the Bessarabian Press
• Ecaterina Bondarenco, L'exposition "Le visage visible et invisible de l'objet du patrimoine"
· Aurelia Cornețchi, Exhibition "Destinies in the Light of Arts"
• Natalia Chișcă, Cultural-Scientific Activities of the National Museum of History of Moldova in 2005
· Nicolae Chetraru: at the origines of the Bessarabian Archaeology
• Alexandra Primac: a Hardened Destiny.



Independent Moldova
Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic
Bessarabia and MASSR between the Two World Wars
Bessarabia and Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in the Period between the Two World Wars
Revival of National Movement
Time of Reforms and their Consequences
Abolition of Autonomy. Bessarabia – a New Tsarist Colony
Period of Relative Autonomy of Bessarabia within the Russian Empire
Phanariot Regime
Golden Age of the Romanian Culture
Struggle for Maintaining of Independence of Moldova
Formation of Independent Medieval State of Moldova
Era of the
Great Nomad Migrations
Early Middle Ages
Iron Age and Antiquity
Bronze Age
Aeneolithic Age
Neolithic Age
Palaeolithic Age


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