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National Museum of History of Moldova

Research Projects

"Research, Collection, Preservation, and Promotion of the Cultural and Historical Heritage of the Country" (2006-2008)

In 2006 - 2008, in the framework of the project "Research, Collection, Preservation, and Promotion of the Cultural and Historical Heritage of the Country", the museum specialists, in accordance with individual research subjects, conducted archaeological research, undertook investigations of documents in public and museum archives, museum collections of the republic and abroad. Realization of the project objectives was of a considerable cultural and scientific benefit through ongoing development of the museum collections and diverse forms of publishing of the scientific research results: reports on the results of archaeological excavations, collection catalogues, collected articles, monographs, scientific articles published in various editions in the country and abroad.

The project brought more results, such as:

  • elaboration of ideological subject-matter for a permanent exhibition "History and Civilization";
  • analysis of social, ethno-demographic, economic, and politic processes in the communities of the 10th - 13th centuries in the east of the Eastern Carpathians;
  • determination of a typology of adornments and medieval clothes found in the territory of Moldova;
    specification of a social, politic, and ecclesiastical impact upon the books published in Bessarabia in the modern time;
  • elucidation of the questions concerning the influence of commercial bourgeoisie on the development of trade in Bessarabia and the importance of Russian trade-custom laws in this matter;
  • elaboration of the criteria of development and organization of historical architectural complexes in the Republic of Moldova;
  • identification of concepts of the museum studies in the field of history in the historical context in which they appeared, were developed and introduced into practice during the 19th - 20th centuries in the country;
  • determination of the legislative framework and its role in the process of protecting of the archaeological heritage in the Moldavian SSR in the post-war period.  



Independent Moldova
Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic
Bessarabia and MASSR between the Two World Wars
Bessarabia and Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in the Period between the Two World Wars
Revival of National Movement
Time of Reforms and their Consequences
Abolition of Autonomy. Bessarabia – a New Tsarist Colony
Period of Relative Autonomy of Bessarabia within the Russian Empire
Phanariot Regime
Golden Age of the Romanian Culture
Struggle for Maintaining of Independence of Moldova
Formation of Independent Medieval State of Moldova
Era of the
Great Nomad Migrations
Early Middle Ages
Iron Age and Antiquity
Bronze Age
Aeneolithic Age
Neolithic Age
Palaeolithic Age


The National Museum of History of Moldova takes place among the most significant museum institutions of the Republic of Moldova, in terms of both its collection and scientific reputation.
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