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National Museum of History of Moldova

Publications Journal „Tyragetia"

Tyragetia, serie nouă, vol. IX [XXIV], nr. 2, Istorie. Muzeologie
ISSN 1857-0240
E-ISSN 2537-6330

Tyragetia, serie nouă, vol. IX [XXIV], nr. 2, Istorie. Muzeologie

Chișinău, 2015

I. Researches

Lilia Zabolotnaia
Mysteries, myths and realities regarding the testament of Maria (Lupu) Radziwiłł

Elena Chiaburu
About bells and bellmakers in Moldavia (before 1859)

II. Papers and surveys

Emil Dragnev
The registers of prophets and apostles from the spire tholobate of the St. George Church of Suceava. Liturgical and historical implications

Irina Cereș
The export of goods from the Principality of Moldova into the Russian Empire at end of the 18th century - the beginning of the 19th century

Lăcrămioara Manea
On publishing activity of Metropolitan Gavriil Bănulescu-Bodoni (1808-1812, 1813-1821) and the presence of old Romanian books in the collections of Northern Dobrudja

Valentin Tomuleț
Literate mazili and ruptași in Bessarabia in the first half of the 19th century

Cristina Gherasim
Aspects of teaching children of the Bessarabian nobility within the educational system of the Russian Empire

Alexandru Argint
The legislative basis of laic primary and secondary education in Bessarabia during 1857-1878

Dinu Poștarencu
Ioan Halippa – passionate researcher of the history of Bessarabia

Eugen-Tudor Sclifos
The Peace Congress of Paris in 1856. Franco-Russian relations and the Romanian Question

Вера Стоянова
Moldavian musical culture in the late 19th - early 20th centuries: Bessarabians – graduates of the St. Petersburg Conservatory

Silvia Scutaru
The activity of the Bessarabian school of church choristers (1889-1918)

Jerzy Hatłas, Marek Żyromski
Protoierey Mihail Chakir – orthodox priest, gagauzian spiritual leader and historian (1861-1938) – and the question of emancipation of gagauzians as the independent nation

Cristina Tănase
Mateiaș (Brașov County): the emergence of the monument to the heroes of the First World War

Maria Danilov
Diplomatic efforts on the Bessarabian question during 1914-1916

Степан Булгар, Иван Думиника
The Gagauz in the context of the Romanian-Turkish relations in the period from 1918 to 1940: History and personalities

Ion Chirtoagă
Demographic and sanitation development of the Nisporeni village (1914-1940)

Aurelia Lăpușan
European Costa-Foru and the League for Human and Civil Rights in the integration of Bessarabia into the political life of Romania after 1918

Nicolae Fuștei
The Council for the Affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church at the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1943-1965) – a special body for communication between the State and the Church

Elena Postică
Victor Andreev: “And when the Motherland will regain freedom ...”

Marius Tărîță
The Khrushchev Thaw in the literature: the Republican Conference of Young Writers (Chisinau, November 22-24, 1957)

Diana Cașu
The question of family policy in the Moldavian SSR in the context of Perestroika (1985-1988)

Юрий А. Пятницкий
Cloisonné enamels from the former collection Alexander Zwenigorodsky and a new book by Ljudmila Pekarska, Jewellery of Princely Kiev. The Kiev Hoards in the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Related Material

Vera Serjant
Bessarabian daily newspapers as a means of advertising. From the collection of periodicals of NMHM (end of 19th - early 20th centuries)

Ana Grițco
The First World War (1914-1918) in deltiology

Andrei Emilciuc
The Medal “For Works on Excellent Performance of General Mobilization in 1914” from the collections of the National Museum of History of Moldova

Adelaida Chiroșca
Iconographic patterns of the Dormition of the Mother of God in the collection of the National Museum of History of Moldova

Vera Stăvilă
Collection of anti-religious drawings and lithographs from the National Museum of History of Moldova

Ana Grițco
The Great War. Photographic documents (The exhibition dedicated to the centenary of the First World War

Elena Postică
Oak from Caracui. Exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Academician Nicolae Corlăteanu

Elena Ploșnița
Entrance ticket and museum marketing

III. Paper and book review

Maria Danilov
Kаталог архивного фонда Русского Свято-Пантелеимонова монастыря на Афоне», том седьмой, часть 4. Составитель Ермолай (Чежия), Святая Гора Афон/ Издаельство «Голос Пресс», Москва, 2015 г. 445 стр. ISBN 978-5-7117-0734-9

Virgil Pâslariuc
Ion Gumenâi, Comunitățile romano-catolice, protestante și lipovenești din Basarabia în secolul al XIX-lea, Chișinău: Editura Institutul de Studii Enciclopedice, 2013, 284 p. ISBN 978-9975-4239-2-2




Independent Moldova
Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic
Bessarabia and MASSR between the Two World Wars
Bessarabia and Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in the Period between the Two World Wars
Revival of National Movement
Time of Reforms and their Consequences
Abolition of Autonomy. Bessarabia – a New Tsarist Colony
Period of Relative Autonomy of Bessarabia within the Russian Empire
Phanariot Regime
Golden Age of the Romanian Culture
Struggle for Maintaining of Independence of Moldova
Formation of Independent Medieval State of Moldova
Era of the
Great Nomad Migrations
Early Middle Ages
Iron Age and Antiquity
Bronze Age
Aeneolithic Age
Neolithic Age
Palaeolithic Age


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